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Who benefits from this treatment

My clients come from all walks of life and do not fit into any specific demographic, they include:

  • Anyone with pain.
  • Anyone that has relatively good health and wishes to maintain it.
  • Children with or without health issues and to treat occurrences of cold, flu, injury, allergies, etc.
  • People who have not found help with health issues elsewhere.
  • Those looking for noninvasive treatment that works with the innate intelligence of the body and not against it.
  • Those unhappy with side effects of other treatment.
  • Those looking for reflexology.



“I had so many problems when I started the therapy, my back, hips, legs and feet (neuropathy) hurt. I have diabetes and am taking supplements from Chris and they are working well for me. I was given some dietary advice, which I followed and in one month I lost 12-14 pounds, blood pressure went down, blood sugar is down along with insulin usage, and cholesterol is down. The neuropathy in my feet was so much better. My feet feel nice and warm after treatment, I notice they began to get colder again just before the next treatment. Overall, I feel much better than when I started.”
—M. Langerak, age 70 Bemidji, MN


“The therapy relaxes me and I feel good afterwards. I want to sleep after the treatment. In the beginning of the therapy, I had problems with my thyroid and the symptoms are now gone. My thumbs used to hurt (arthritis) and now don’t hurt as much. My back, legs, and hips always feel better after my treatment.”
—E. Jensen, age 66 Bemidji, MN


“What Chris Horvath can correct through the feet with Ersdal Zone Therapy is best described as miraculous and incredible. All 7 of my children ages 3 to 16 years old enjoy the treatments and look forward to coming back for another appointment! Depending on how long we waited to seek Chris's help, the results from EZT are sometimes noticeable as quickly as during treatment; other times, it may take a day or so before I realize the cough, ache, pain, or disability has changed - and sometimes disappeared completely. EZT is for more than just dis-ease, it's also for correcting imbalances within the body a person may not even realize could be helped or improved. Ersdal Zone Therapy cannot be underestimated for it's powerful healing effect on the body. The hidden art and science of EZT is too valuable to not invest your time experiencing for yourself - and for those you care about.”
—Nicole G., age 43 Park Rapids, MN


“I have been seeing Chris for zone therapy whifch has helped greatly with female issues. When I come in with a headache and back pain, after having a zone therapy treatment I am pain free.”
—Cindy H., age 52 Pillager, MN


“I have lost 25 lbs. and feel 10 years younger following Chris’ dietary advice, zone therapy, and detox program.”
—Vern H., age 53 Pillager, MN


“Chris Horvath has treated me for “vertigo”. I received relief right away. I have continued to take treatments. It has been two months since I have had a vertigo attack. I also took dietary suggestions from Chris and have found it to be very helpful in all areas of my health.”
—R. M. Pietz, age 78 Pillager, MN