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The method is extremely effective and efficient. The therapy is applied to the feet to affect all parts of the body. It is not new, as evidence of its practice is found in the pyramids of Egypt dated 2330 B.C. Many people have not heard of it and are introduced to Zone Therapy as a new therapy.

In Chinese medicine, it is said the most powerful acupuncture points on the majority of the meridians are located at the end of the meridians, the most distal points. This would be below the elbows to the hands and below the knees to the feet, making the feet the most distal. Furthermore, Dr. Moshe Zwang, in his book Palm Therapy, shows the feet to have equal representation in both divisions of the autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system regulates all unconscious function of the body, i.e. breathing, heart rate, organ function, thirst, hunger, etc. The two divisions of the Autonomic Nervous System are opposing and called the sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions equating nicely with concepts of Yin and Yang. It is these two opposing forces that regulate and correct imbalances in the body, either stimulating or relaxing. All of these factors make the feet, the most obvious and beneficial locale for treatment.

Because of this representation in the Autonomic Nervous System, the therapy can accomplish healing in agreement with the body intelligence. Treatment soon after any health issue appears ensures a quicker recovery. Of course, the longer standing problems will take more treatment time. The therapy reintegrates and moves trapped or throttled energy to begin the healing process.