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Supplements are mostly herbal combinations, formulated to support the target organ, gland, or tissue with the full spectrum of nutrition needed.

Homeopathy works energetically to correct imbalances. They are completely safe and come in easy to take liquids, tablets, or pellets. Some are also available in lotion form for topical application.

The use of singular nutrients, such as vitamin and mineral supplements, is rare. Singular nutrients are usually crystalline or synthesized. Both are purified or fractionated concentrates of the vitamin, which act more like drugs than nutrients in the body. No food contains only one vitamin or mineral. They occur in combinations along with other cofactors, such as enzymes, that assure proper assimilation, which the herbal supplements do provide. Man is not as successful in separating and then repackaging these nutrients without the intelligence that nature has infused in the orginal form.

All supplementation is by professional products, manufactured to produce results in consultation with your health care provider. I do not use any multi-level or networked products.