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Featuring Ersdal Zone Therapy

Brought to the United States from Norway, Ersdal Zone Therapy (EZT) is an improved form of reflexology (as most people know it) that is applied to the feet, which reflect all parts of the body. EZT relies on innate intelligence to utilize your body’s own resources for self-repair. The dosage is always correct for your needs and capabilities. The therapy literally rebuilds parts of the self-regulatory network. Discomfort or pain indicates areas needing attention; your tolerance dictates the depth of the work needed for improvement.

Dynamic – to stimulate energy, change, and progress.
Integrative – to combine parts to become whole – to cause bodily systems, organs, muscles, nerves, etc. to work at optimum and in harmony with each other.
Therapy – treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder.

Other Considerations and offerings
Supplements | Homeopathy | Nutritional Counsel | Emotional release

Client participation includes
Lifestyle | Good diet | Exercise | Enough sleep | Clean air and water